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About Us

Q: How did you two meet?
BG: We are both from Hong Kong and we met in high school during mandarin class and have been good friends ever since. We have bonded over shopping, community service and as the co-editors of our high school magazine. And of course there is I am Fashion. We also love to spend hours on the phone talking and overanalyzing about every little detail of our lives.

Q: Since you two live in different cities (Chicago/London) most of the year, how do you stay in contact and coordinate for the blog?
BG: By spending gmailing each other a LOT everyday.

Q: Do you both work in the fashion industry?
HG: No, we are both still students in college. In fact, we're both majoring in finance and economics related subjects that have nothing to do with fashion. :)

Has the success of this blog made you change your career directions at all? Will you be continuing in fashion journalism in the future or going to work in other professions?

HG: Nope. We love fashion but as you can tell from our writing, we don't have much potential of becoming journalist!

BG: I have to admit, blogging has made me consider a career in the fashion industry (not neccesarily fashion journalism, as HG correctly points out we obviously do not have the talent). I have even spent 2 summers working within it to get an idea of what it is like. While they have both been a great learning experiences and I learnt a lot (read related internship blogs), I'd like to keep my options open and explore opportunities in different industries as well.

How old are you? Where do you go to school? How do you have access to money? Do you work for your money or do your parents funnel it into a bank account that you can use, or can you borrow your parent's credit cards? I'm just curious because i have to earn every penny for myself.
HG: We're both 21. I am studying in London and BG is studying in Chicago. We realise that we are pretty fortunate since our parents still fund our purchases but we would like to point out that we generally shop way less than the impression we give out. (Only our really close friends realise this!)

BG: I agree. Blogging just gives us a brilliant excuse to window-shop online (which we love doing) and an outlet to share our shopping dilemas with others and get their input before we make a decision. We definitely shop less than it looks (I also do a lot of returning...).

Can we see pictures of you guys in your new year's dresses? Or just you guys in general? I like myself a good wearing today post.
HG: Um sorry, no. I'm a pretty shy and private person in real life. I don't even upload my photos into albums on Facebook!

Proof read your posts! There's always something wrong with your grammer or spelling!
Sorry! We try our best but most of the time, we blog around midnight when we're tired and are trying to finish off our school work, so we don't always have time to write or proofread properly. Just let us know when we write something wrong and we'll change it, (although there is no need to be overly rude about it.)

What items are on your "shoot me if I'm ever seen in this" list, as in clothing and accessories wise?

HG: I believe in trying new styles, so as long as you are personally comfortable in something, then it should be fine. Although I do think it's really unflattering when items aren't matched or styled very poorly.

BG: I also try to keep an open mind with fashion. Although I would like to think that I would not ever be seen in say something like leopard leggings with zebra print shorts and a floral top and a printed bag. *Shivers at the thought*

I am going to be heading to London for a week long shopping, sightseeing adventure and was wondering if you had a list of must stop stores or must see places?
HG: The truth about BG and me is that we are not adventurous shoppers. We shop in very mass market places like department stores and common shops (think Top Shop and French Connection,) although I do attempt to venture out to boutiques during the holidays. I think it's more because we lack the patience to shop in unorganised and small places rather than us not liking the products. So unfortunately, all I can recommend is going to Oxford Street and Covent Garden.

How about Chicago?
BG: Even though I love Chicago, I wouldn't actually classify Chicago as a fashionable city. So there aren't really must stop fashion places that is one of a kind in Chicago. But while you are there, I do love shopping along Michigan Ave (the mag mile) for the usual chain stores/department stores and the North Avenue/Armitage area up north near Lincoln Park (it is very neighborhoody there) for smaller shops. Ooh one place that I LOVE LOVE LOVE is Bravco on Oak Street and Michigan. It is a little store tucked neatly away next to YSL where they sell the most complete selection of hair products and nail varnish under the sun at cheaper (i think) than salon prices. As for sightsee, I'd say the Chicago Architecture River tour and the Signature Bar (on top John Hancock) are pretty standard places to go.

How about Hong Kong?
BG: As HG mentioned before, we're not very exciting shoppers. In Hong Kong, we like to shop at department stores like Lane Crawford and Harvey Nichols. We also have a very high concentration of a wide range of brand name boutiques over here, which are also great places to shop. The great thing about Hong Kong is that we don't have sales tax, we have great sales (even though it comes a bit late compared to the US) AND when its not on sale, frequent shoppers also get 10% off in selected stores. There are also many small boutiques sprinkled around HK that sells great clothes at cheaper prices, like in Causeway Bay, but alas we don't really have the patience to go through them all and find the good ones. Although I DO love to go to Causeway Bay for fun accessories like colored stockings and funky headbands!


Blogger ZuKi said...

Hi girls! I like your blog very much because you express your opinions but not "must have" expressions from fashion magazines, and also because your blogging style is very appropriate for me,I would like my blog to be similar interesting and fair!I do my best to make it so!(I've started blogging only one month ago). And I would like to say that your English is really great!Don't bother for your grammar mistakes,I even haven't noticed them!I'm Russian and it a little bit hard to express the full gamma of my feelings and opinions in English, but I think you made a large success in doing it!:))I'm also 21 years old and also study economy, but I like fashion:))I wish you success and it would be great and pleasant for me to communicate with you if you're not against:)

2:29 PM  
Blogger Jakk said...

Just wanted to say I love this blog!

You dont mess about with your opinions on the industry and its very relevant to our industry helping guide our product stock.

Keep up the good work

1:36 AM  
Blogger Feheart said...

Didn't know the I am fashion blog is belong to u HK girls~~~great~

7:35 PM  
Blogger ALIZEY MIRZA said...

congrats- you guys are great :) keep striving, and you'll get there!


5:18 AM  
Blogger Panty Buns said...

What you wrote is so true about being careful not to mix clashing styles. I too love to shop in Department stores and love shopping for nylon full brief panties for myself. Have you ever been shopping at the major department stores in Manhattan? I was curious as to the selection amongst full brief knickers in London and Hong Kong and how that compares to the nylon briefs available in the Chicago stores.

9:24 AM  
Blogger Carrie Livingston said...

More power to you guys! Hope you spread more love on this blog.


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11:45 PM  
Blogger Dougo Wong said...

Dear Both,

Your blog is interesting! Thanks for sharing your exp with us.

Dougo WONG

2:47 AM  
Blogger paramita said...

Grt initiative of starting this blog by 2 fashion students. cheers.

2:41 AM  
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