Friday, January 04, 2008

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If you have any more questions for us not covered in this page or anything you want to let us know, simply shoot us an email at iamfashion AT!

Link Requests

We'd love to exchange links with fellow fashion bloggers on our Links Page. Just send us an email at the same address with the heading "Link Request" and we will add you to our list. We usually update every month or so due to time constraint (and also we do get quite a few requests), so please do give us some time!

Companies/PR Firms

Please send any information to the above email. As for press kits and samples, please also email us for our mailing address.
We'd love to work with the companies and PR firms to share with readers products that we love. However, we cannot guarantee that a particular product will appear on our site.

Acknowledgments (so don't sue us)
We use quite a lot of images in our blog, so we would like to acknowledge that the photos obviously do not belong to us and we want to thank the sites sourced at the bottom of each post.


Blogger BorninCouture said...

ok Hi im a new blogger and my blog is all about fashion and my link is
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Sincerly Seth

2:57 PM  
Blogger Emma said...

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Hi girls,

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Blogger Jolie said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, you know what?
U gave me the idea on why I should do blogging.
I am a fashion phreak!
I browse through fashion sites everyday. Celebritystyleguide is my favorite. Omg, I learned that there are many brands out there that those celebrities been indulging and I dun even know about it!
So, just dropping by to say that you guys gave me the confidence to really be sooooooooooooo into fashion AND share it with others!
Good luck!

8:53 PM  
Blogger twiggy said...

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Blogger emiLeon said...

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Blogger emiLeon said...

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Blogger ITSOLA said...

Love your blog!

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Blogger Tracy Tay said...


i really really like your blogs and have become a fan of it. Good work!

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Blogger George Douglas Davies said...


ive been religiously following your blog since about 2006, and it was you guys that inspired me to start my own fashion blog:

i post all my own
fashion designs
fashion photography
and fashion illustrations
(as well as other peoples)

i would really love you to check it out, and trust me you will not be dissapointed - it is pretty good, and i do work incredibly hard on it xx

if youy really like it, then could we link - dont feel obliged to though

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I Dare YOu to check it out.

You will love it

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